Brand mark REY serves to its customers since 1991. From the beginning the company has been producing high quality protection equipment for goalies of ice-hockey, field-hockey, street-hockey, in-line hockey, floorball. Since then, the company has become the synonym of top quality products for protection of head and neck. The company has faced strict regulation of EU concerning the head and neck protections. Required testing according to stern standards of nationally certified testing institutions, the REY goalie’s masks became the top secure in its category i.e. carbon-kevlar, fiberglass, polycarbonate or plastic items. 
In 1995, the company moved into its own locations in Prague 10 – Malesice, where it is based until now. Because the interest in REY production has grown, in 2004 the company opened its own production hall near to Mladá Boleslav city. In 2008, the company began to produce polycarbonate eyes visors for ice-hockey players upon its own unique technology. 
Presently is more then a half of the REY production exported all over the world. Items are exported under the brand name REY and also under the brand name OBO, which is the most popular mark among goalies of street-hockey. Also products for ice-hockey players are supplied under the name REY as well as under brand names of other well-known producers with whom the company closely cooperates. 
In 2007, the international contract was signed with TPS brand mark company (USA) and after its termination, renewed with TORSO mark. Supplies for this mark are shipped across the ice-hockey world in growing quantities. Year 2011 was the most successful year for REY company in selling goalies masks as well as eyes visors for ice-hockey players.
The list of countries importing our products:
United Kingdom, Armenia , Australia , Belarus , Canada , Chile , China , Croatia , Denmark , Estonia, France , Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary , Iceland , Italy , Kazakhstan, Latvia , Lithuania, Netherlands , New Zealand , Norway , Poland , Romania , South Africa, Spain , Sweden, Ukraine, USA and Russia
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