Proposal of polycarbonate eyes visor protectors for ice hockey
Year 2011 was for REY company a very successful year in selling transparent polycarbonate eye visors suitable for ice hockey players. The visor was permanently developed for last three year and now we can be proud to pronounce that it belongs to the world top quality products. Thousand of items were exported into the world from USA, Canada, Russia or Japan. Hundreds of it was sold to players for domestic competitions.
The main reason of such success is the quality certified by international certifications and its popularity is still growing. The price also plays important role. Unlike to our competitors we are able to quickly produce different forms and colors of visors. Four forms out of nine are the most required. We would like to point out important fact that layers – antifog coating applied on the inner and antiscratch coating applied on the outer side of the visor – are not formed by injection of some sort of liquid coating but special and safe polymer compounds are applied already in the course of production of basic boards.
To satisfy the demand from each club competing in different category of adults or junior players, we have decided to launch the promotional campaign this year. Our main aim is the approach to such category of players who don’t know our visors yet or they order them through an agent in a complicated way. This introductory letter with leaflet, which you have currently in your hands, is a first step to inform you about our eyes visors. We are ready to answer all your questions, discuss specifications of visors which you may need and subsequently we work out a proposal for your club. Collective club order is favorable in price comparing to the individual orders.  The price depends also on number of ordered items, mode of payment and delivery term.
Of several years experience with production and positive reaction from our foreign customer and players, we are convinced of a high quality eyes visors. We hope that you might be interested to try our visors and to make yourself opinion of its quality.
We hope to meet your expectations and propose you reliable and successful acting.

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